After Dark Horrorfest, Vol. 3

Short Version:
Lola is a serial killer. Lola Killed everyone because she was abused.

Longer Version

Faith is a young woman who relocates to a new town to escape her abusive boyfriend Jimmy, with the help of her friend Cort.

The night of the move Cort takes Faith to a bar where she meets Lola. Lola is a farm girl who loves to party. Faith feels that her absusive ex boyfriend is on her trail and may find her soon so she moves in with Lola, in a barn converted into a loft apartment. Lola's dad won't speak to her for unknown reasons so Lola speaks to him thru her teen brother and seven year old brother.

Faith starts to notice something is strange about Lola's family and she suspects there's something odd going on in the slaughter house. Lola brings home rich guys and sleeps with them. (We see that her dad is feeding the chopped up remains of one of the guys to the pigs)

At the end of the movie we discover Lola was sexually abused by her father since she was very young. Lola has been killing the men she sleeps with and her father and older brother have been hiding the evidence of the crimes because her father feels guilty about abusing her to the point of her becomming a monster and a murderer.

Faith finally discovers the truth and tries to escape. Lola knocks her out and developes a plan to start a new life. Lola ties up Faith and pulls her teeth, making sure that police will be able to identify her teeth making them think she's is Lola, after Lola shoots her in the face with a shotgun, Lola then calls the police and says she has been raped by her dad. She plans to shoot her brothers, and hang her father in his porn palace where he kept dirty pictures of Lola, making it appear to police that the father had so much guilt about molesting his daughter and fear of getting arrested for it that he shot his sons and daughter and killed himself. Faith gets free and starts to drive away but she is stopped when a big truck blocks the road in front of her. It's her ex-boyfriend Jimmy who has her friend Cort with him, he had beat up Cort to get Faith's location. Jimmy forces Faith and Cort to go back to the barn to expalin why Faith is beat up and bleeding. Lola gets the gun and shoots both Cort and Jimmy.

After a lot of confusing struggles, Faith gets away and saves Lola's cute little brother, telling him to run to her truck which is sitting up the road, and Faith goes back to find Lola. Faith, being a good person doesn't have the heart to kill Lola. Lola gets the gun and shoots Faith in the face, she then goes to the truck and shoots her little brother.

Thanks Melissa S!