After Dark Horrorfest, Vol. 3

A group of 5 friends are partying at Marti Gras, on their way home they get into a car wreck,when they get out of the totaled car they see a man in a hospital gown under the car. An ambulance comes by claiming they were searching for the man under the car, due to the wreck they insist the 5 friends go with them to the hospital for a check up.

The hospital is old and creepy with only a scary nurse, a doctor and two orderlies on staff. One by one the friends are taken to rooms where they are either killed or mutilated. One of the group, Emily (a med school drop out), searches the hospital for her boyfriend and discovers the staff is killing her friends. She discovers that the hospital had been closed for years and a crazy doctor was using the abandoned hospital to do gory experiments on people in an attempt to save the life of his cancer hidden wife.

All of Emily's friends are killed, she kills the entire staff and the doctor appears to be dead. Emily finds the doctors wife who is hooked up to several hoses, she follows the hoses to the next room where she finally finds her boyfriend, his organs are all floating in the air above his hollow body, Emily knows he can't be saved and she shuts off the machines that were keeping him alive.

She returns to the doctors wife's room, the doctor is lurking in the corner. Emily kills his wife, fights with the doctor who again appears dead. It is obvious Emily has lost her mind when instead of going for help she sits at a mirror stitching her facial cut and saying, "You're right Doc, I was meant to be a doctor". The doctor who was lying seemingly dead behind her opens his eyes.

Thanks Melissa!