Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation


The cult’s lackey Ricky (Clint Howard) kills Kim’s (Neith Hunter) boyfriend Hank (Tommy Hinkley) one night as he tries to defend her, and Janice (Allyce Beasley) is revealed to be a cult member when she comes to clean up the scene of the crime. Ricky brings Kim to the local butcher’s meat locker, where the cult forcefully initiates her into their ranks.

Kim visits the cult leader Fima (Maud Adams) the next day, and learns from her that the burning woman who jumped to her death at the start of the film was her own daughter Lily. Fima and the rest of the cult killed her because she was “too weak.” Fima then tells Kim that she must make a male sacrifice before becoming a full member, and Hank’s brother Lonnie (Conan Yuzna) would be the sacrifice. Kim refuses to do it, but the next day, her body starts to turn on her, courtesy of a curse that the cult placed on her called the Fire of Lilith that would set her ablaze if she didn’t go through with everything (the same curse that killed Lily). She realizes she has no choice but to comply.

Kim kidnaps Lonnie and brings him to the rooftop of the library, where Lily jumped to her doom, and the cult binds Lonnie to the ground. Fima gives Kim a knife and tells her to kill him, but she stabs Fima instead. Fima pulls out the knife and goes to kill her, but Ricky stands in front of Kim to defend her, so Fima guts him. The curse starts to bind Kim’s hands together and set them on fire, but she sticks her hands into Fima’s stab wound and transfers the curse to her. Fima is set ablaze, and she – like Lily – falls over the edge of the roof to her death on the ground. A relieved Kim hugs an equally relieved Lonnie while the cult silently watches Fima’s body burn.

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