Darren Mullet (Calvin Dean) proceeds to do in all the bullies; starting with Jez (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) for violating his grave (seems originally he was meant to be drowned in a puddle of his own urine, but this was changed by censors)! Along with Jason Banks (Olly Alexander) since he was the one who betrayed him by telling the others of his secret crush on Justine (Tuppence Middleton). Because of her connection to all the victims and all the forensic evidence conviently pointing to her guilt, Justine is arrested for all the deaths including Jason and Alexis (Dimitri Leonidas) who further incrimnates her, since cops catch her kneeling over Alexis clutching the presumed murder weapon (with her future place at Oxford University now over). Having punished his bullying peers, Darren turns his haunting onto the teachers who also mistreated him, with the heartless Games teacher (Geoff Bell) being the first one as the credits roll.

Notable deaths include Jason & Marcus (Tom Hopper) as both use well known urban legends in their demises. (See in their horror section for more details). Others include an impalment with a grave marker, shovel decapitation, Castration with privates being (supposedly) severed by being continually stamped on and death by old-fashioned paper cutter.

Thanks ND Woods!