Good Boy

When the Greater Dane comes down to Earth and sees what has become of the dogs there, based on how Hubble, Wilson, Barbara Ann, Shep & Nelly appear, she meets with them on the hill where Hubble’s ship crashed and tells them that she’s ordering the global recall of all dogs back to Sirius. Owen (Liam Aiken) emerges from hiding and vouches for all of the dogs, explaining how they aid humanity in so many different ways.

Later on, the dogs come out of the meeting place, and Hubble tells Owen that the Greater Dane is going home, and the dogs will remain on Earth. However, it was a lie – he leaves Owen’s home during the night to meet with the other dogs, and they leave for the Greater Dane’s spaceship.

Owen fixes Hubble’s woofer (communicator), which he left behind, and he talks into it, tearfully praising Hubble for being a great friend to him. The message reaches the Greater Dane’s spaceship, and the Greater Dane and Hubble hear it.

As Owen and his parents are moving out of yet another home, he hears an otherworldly noise, so he heads to the hill. Hubble’s spaceship emerges from the clouds and crash-lands near him, and Hubble and the other dogs come out. The other dogs reunite with their owners, who had gathered to witness the spectacle, and Hubble tells Owen that the Greater Dane declared Earth dogs an entirely different breed (and, though it isn’t said, resulted in all of them being sent back to their homes). He says that the Greater Dane has allowed him to stay on Earth with Owen on one condition, and then a bright light comes out of his ship and removes Owen’s ability to hear the dogs’ thoughts. Owen’s mom (Molly Shannon) and dad (Kevin Nealon) then decide not to move out.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!