The Imposters

Maurice (Oliver Platt) and Arthur (Stanley Tucci), have escaped Sir Jeremy Burtom's (Alfred Molina) wrath by hiding in a box that winds up onboard a cruise ship.

While trying to evade Burtom, who is onboard recovering from their bogus assault (really just Maurice making fun of him in a bar), Maurice and Arthur foil Maxine (Allison Janney) and Jonny's (Richard Jenkins) plan to seduce, marry, and kill the Sheik and Mrs. Essendine. They foil the first mate's (Tony Shalhoub) plan to dynamite the ship, with the suicidal Happy Franks (Steve Buscemi) deciding not to use the detonator he winds up with in order to be with Emily Essendine (Hope Davis).

At the end, the Captain (Alan Corduner) is reunited with the Veiled Queen (Isabella Rossellini), Mrs. Essendine and the Sheik get cozy, Marco and Lily are together and free from Meistrich's (Campbell Scott) unwanted attentions. Mr Sparks (Billy Connolly) and Burtom's assistant are together, and Burtom is left solo.

After Maurice and Arthur toast each other, everyone dances off the ship, onto the soundstage, and out onto Chelsea Pier.

Thanks Jon S!