Julie and Julia

The movie jumps back and forth between two time periods of two women: *Julie Powell* (Amy Adams) and *Julia Child* (Meryl Streep).

In the 1950s, Julia Child is a bored housewife who loves her husband, Paul (Stanley Tucci), and follows him wherever his government job takes him. Their most recent move is to the American embassy in Paris. With the total support of her adoring husband, Julia decides to enroll in a French cooking school and ends up becoming an excellent French chef and baker.

Julia ends up collaborating with two French women in writing a cookbook that is later published in the United States under the name *Mastering the Art of French Cooking*. It becomes a huge success.

About 50 years later, it is the year 2002, and Julie Powell and her husband, Eric (Chris Messina), move into a small studio apartment above a pizzeria in Queens, N.Y.

Julie is so depressed by her job – she deals with phone calls from people complaining about 9/11 issues – that she decides to start a blog. Every day, for one year, she will create a recipe or two from Julia Child's cookbook and write about it online.

Her reader base begins to grow, slowly but surely, until she eventually receives a request from the *New York Times* to do a piece on her. Once the story hits the stands, Julie is inundated with requests for interviews from all types of media from around the world, including a book and movie deal.

As her project is nearing the end of its 365 days, it is almost derailed by the news that Julia Child herself *hates* the blog! Julie is devastated, but pulls herself back together with the support of her husband. Julie finishes her year-long blog by successfully boning a duck (her final recipe) and serving it to her close friends at a finale dinner party.

In the end, she never does get to meet her idol, but Julie and her husband do visit the Julia Child display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. It is a farewell gift to herself as a treat for successfully completing the blog and for her transformation into a woman with a purpose.

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