The Promotion

At the final interview, Doug (Sean William Scott) does well, and the board members joke that Richard's (John C. Reiley) interview will only be a formality because of the masturbation comment they heard him making earlier in the store.

Doug decides to come clean, after seeing Richard remove the wrist cast from his fake injury, and explains that Richard is actually a very nice guy, a good grocer, and meant no offense by his comment. This takes the board by surprise, and they mention that this means that Doug and Richard are now on even footing for the job. Richard, however, spectacularly fails the drug test, and is fired from the company.

Doug gets the job, and Richard moves back to Canada, where he becomes the manager of his own grocery store after putting out a fire, one which Doug surmises Richard probably started himself, but which isn't important because Richard deserves the job anyways.

Thanks Nick!