The Last Wagon

After Comanche Todd (Richard Widmark) and the six other survivors, reach a point where they can go no further, due to a camp of Indians being in their way, they are forced to sit and wait. During the night Jenny (Felicia Farr) and Comanche Todd finally realize they're in love with one another, and decide that if they make it through everything, they'll go off together.

The next day, they meet a small band of army officers who have a few caravans of supplies. Despite the survivors attempts to protect him, they figures out who Comanche Todd is, and tell him if they make it out alive, he'll have to be turned in.

They manage to escape when the Indians attack, by blowing up the gun powder in the supply caravans, which scares the Indians off, and gives them a chance to run for it.

Comanche Todd is then brought to the army base and tried for the murder of the four Harper brothers, (whom he killed at the start of the movie) and he explains that it was they who murdered his wife and children, and that he had killed them for revenge. The six survivors then speak on his behalf, explaining how he both saved their lives and taught each of them something as well. Comanche Todd is pardoned, and the movie ends with him, Jenny, and Jenny's little brother riding off together.

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