The Final Sacrifice

Rowsdower (Bruce J. Mitchell) eventually tells Troy (Christian Malcolm) that he was once a member of Satoris’ (Shane Marceau) cult, but was expelled for being only half-Ziox. He and Troy later accidentally meet up with Mike Pipper (Ron Anderson), the partner of Troy’s father Thomas, who fills them in on the cult and the lost city of Ziox, and he also tells Troy that Rowsdower may have been the one who killed his father.

Eventually, the cult kidnaps Troy, and they plan to make him the final sacrifice to the evil idol they worshipped so Satoris could gain an invincible army with which to conquer the world. Rowsdower goes after Troy, and after eluding the cult members and giving Troy a knife to cut his bonds with, he does battle with Satoris. During the fight, Satoris reveals that Rowsdower was indeed ordered to kill Thomas, but he refused, so he did battle with Satoris to save Thomas’ life. He lost, so Satoris killed Thomas and then banished him, both for being half-Ziox and for his disobedience.

Just before Satoris can kill Rowsdower, Troy gets free, picks up a rifle, and shoots Satoris in the back. He soon falls down dead, and the flames Rowsdower put on his back incinerate his body. The evil idol is destroyed, and – just as Pipper foretold – its destruction causes the city of Ziox to rise up from the ground, restored to its former glory. Also, Pipper’s foretelling of the city being a symbol of good proves to be correct as well, for the cult members remove their hoods and leave, free of Satoris’ influence.

Rowsdower checks his arm and sees that Satoris’ mark has disappeared, and he joyously hugs Troy. They then drive off together.

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