Something New

Micro-mini version:
Kenya gets promoted to partner, and she and Brian get married.

Longer version:
After a fight with Brian, Kenya starts dating the (black) lawyer that her brother introduced her to; but she eventually breaks up with him because she doesn't feel any "magic". Her friends reassure her that she made the right decision, and suggest trying again with Brian. Also, Kenya is promoted to partner at her law firm after dealing the difficult client.

Later...At the cotillion with her family, Kenya feels bitter and sad about her lovelife. Then her father talks to her and tells her that love matters more than race; he saw that she was happy with Brian. He thinks she should try and get him back. Leaving with her brother's prized car, she finds Brian and admits to him that she wants a life with him and loves him. She brings him back to the cotillion for a dance (even though he's not dressed appropriately!).

In the closing scenes, we see Kenya and Brian's wedding taking place in the backyard landscape that he designed for her earlier in the film.

Thanks Erica!