How to Rob a Bank,
and 10 Tips to Actually Get Away With It.

1. Decide to rob a bank.
2. Have a plan.
3. Have a back-up plan.
4. Establish clear communications.
5. Choose your partners carefully.
6. Expect the unexpected.
7. Shit happens.
8. Don't get greedy.
9. Remember, shit happens.
10. Hang up and know when to walk away.

Jason "Jinx" Taylor (Nick Stahl) is very upset because he is unable to withdraw the final $20 from his bank account because the ATM transaction fee will overdraw him. He storms into the bank to protest the transaction fee, but walks into the middle of a robbery in progress. The robbers, led by Simon (Gavin Rossdale) chase Jinx into the vault, where he accidentally locks himself inside. Jinx then realizes that he is not alone in the vault. Jessica (Erika Christensen), one of the robbers, is also inside, trying to open the safe deposit boxes on the vault computer. The contents of the boxes was the intended target of the robbers. Jessica is the only one who can open the vault door, but Jinx takes control of the situation by taking her hostage, and won't allow Simon to intimidate him into allowing her to open the vault door. Meanwhile, the police arrive, led by Officer De Gepse (Terry Crews), and have the bank surrounded.

As the movie progresses, both Jinx and Jessica realize that they actually think very much alike (they feel that they are being used), and they plan an escape so they can be together. Jinx, who has been talking with both Simon and De Gepse via his cell phone and controlling the situation, hears from the real mastermind behind the robbery: Nick (David Carradine), one of the bank's executives. He had hired Jessica to set up an account on the computer that would allow him to access the bank's account used to hold the money earned from the transaction fees, but the only way she could get access to the computer is under the guise of a robbery. Simon, who doesn't know that is the real reason for the robbery, is to be paid with the contents of the safe deposit boxes. However, the plan won't work unless Nick can get an ATM card and a PIN number to access the account. Jinx agrees to use his card and PIN number on the condition that he and Jessica can escape, and gets a piece of the action. Nick agrees, and she starts to set up the account. But before she can finish, the power is cut to the bank.

Jinx calls De Gepse and tells him that if the power is turned back on, Simon will release two hostages. He agrees to the deal. Jinx then calls Simon and tells him that the police will turn the power back on if he releases a hostage and someone on his crew turns themselves in. Simon says that Jinx and Jessica can go. The power is turned back on, which allows Jessica to finish setting up the account and then opens the vault door. As they are about to leave the bank, they realize that Simon intends on killing them first. However, his gun backfires and kills himself instead. The police storm the bank and arrest the rest of the crew, and Jinx and Jessica escape in the confusion. At the end, Jinx and Jessica meet with Nick to give him the card and plan on how to split the money.

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