For Richer or Poorer

Through helping out the Amish community as the Yoders, Brad (Tim Allen) and Caroline (Kirstie Alley) realize that helping others instead of themselves was what caused them to fall for each other in the first place, and they rekindle their love.

However, at Rebecca (Carrie Preston) and Henner’s (John Pyper-Ferguson) wedding, IRS agents show up to arrest Brad and Caroline at the same time the real Yoders arrive, exposing Brad and Caroline’s true identities to the community. They are taken back to New York to stand trial, but luckily their attorney Phil (Michael Lerner) shows up, and soon Bob (Wayne Knight) is brought in in handcuffs. Phil tells them that he found Bob while he was in Switzerland and managed to have him extradited back to the U.S. to answer for the crimes he committed that they were framed for. The charges against Brad and Caroline are soon dropped.

They then go back to the Amish community to see Sam (Jay O. Sanders) and Levinia (Megan Cavanagh), and they apologize for deceiving them. However, Sam reveals that they knew the whole time that they weren’t the Yoders. They just put up with it because it was planting season and they needed the extra help. Brad offers Sam his watch as gratitude for being a true friend, but Sam tells him that their community can only trade, not accept gifts, so Brad accepts some corn and the big Sable horse, Johnny (which he tamed through dumb luck), for the watch. He and Caroline also trade in their ’97 Jaguar Coupe for a ’54 Ford pickup and a horse trailer for Johnny, and then they leave the community. During the credits, Caroline reveals that she’s pregnant with their first child.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!