My Boyfriend's Back

After a crazy four days, Johnny (Andrew Lowery) finally goes to the prom with Missy (Traci Lind). However, while he is dancing with her, he collapses on the ground, since his undead body has reached its end. Before he dies (again), both he and Missy admit their love for one another, and she puts the locket he gave her (that he tried to give her back in second grade, but didn’t have the courage to) around his neck and kisses him.

Johnny awakens in Heaven before a judge (Paxton Whitehead) in a great hall, who tells him that he wasn’t supposed to die in that convenience store robbery. He also says that whenever an error like this occurs, Heaven tries to correct it by giving the victim a “second chance” at life to prove their worth, and what they did with that chance would determine what Heaven would do with them in the afterlife. Since his coming back as a zombie counted as his “second chance”, the judge tells Johnny that Heaven is now going to send him “to where he belongs”, and then shoos him out of the hall.

Johnny finds himself alive again and back at the time of the robbery. Everything plays out the same as before, and he gets shot again. As he lies on the ground, he tells Missy he loves her, fearing he’ll die (again). But, this time around, Missy discovers that the locket he was still wearing stopped the bullet. She opens it to see their pictures as children, and she is touched that Johnny was willing to sacrifice his life for her. She goes to the prom with him (again) and the movie closes with them dancing together (again).

Thanks Tornado Dragon!