Despite saving the lives of the hostages, Jean Claude Van Damme is arrested and convicted of extortion.  He is sentenced to a year in prison.  During the movie, Van Damme gives a monologue to the audience, expressing regret for not giving back to those who helped him achieve his dream of being a movie star.

Jean Claude Van Damme (playing himself), once an international movie star, is now just another down-and-out actor.  He's out of money, his agent can't find him any decent work, and he just lost his daughter in a custody case.  After losing out on a role to Steven Seagal, Van Damme decides to quit the business and goes home to his native Brussels, Belgium to begin a new life.  Despite his troubles, Van Damme is still considered a hero in his homeland.

Van Damme goes into a post office to receive a wire transfer, but he walks into the middle of a robbery and is taken hostage.  Three guys who are constantly arguing with each other are the thieves, but due to a misunderstanding, the police believe that Van Damme is actually the robber.  The thieves realize this and use Van Damme as their mouthpiece when negotiating with the police.  Throughout the movie, Van Damme is trying to protect the other hostages from the ringleader of the thieves (he wants to kill them to get the money) while trying to protect himself as well.  The thieves ask for a million Euros, but Van Damme says that he would never do that.  He instead tells the police he wants $465,000 to pay his legal bills in addition to the million Euros.

About 3/4 of the way into the movie, the story stops and Van Damme begins talking to the camera.  In a 5-6 minute monologue, Van Damme says that his dream since childhood has been to be a movie star.  That dream came true, but he has ruined that dream with his actions and inactions.  He references his past drug use and the fact that he has not given back to those who helped him achieve his dream.  He regrets that, and he just wants to get out of the post office alive to start his life over.  With the monologue finished, the story resumes.

The police agree to the $465,000 but not the million Euros, and hostages are starting to be released.  The ringleader still wants to kill hostages to get the million, and realizing that he is no longer running things, shoots and wounds Van Damme.  This forces the police to break down the door and rescue everyone.  In the confusion, two of the robbers, including the ringleader, are killed and Van Damme is arrested.  The remaining hostages say that Van Damme was not the robber, but the police charge him anyway with extortion for the $465,000.  A few months later, Van Damme is convicted of extortion and is sentenced to a year in prison.  The movie ends with Van Damme teaching karate moves to fellow prisoners, and later being visited by his mother and daughter.

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