Soft for Digging

The police and search volunteers are unable to find any trace of the girl that Virgil (Edmond Mercier) claims he saw murdered in the woods. When one of the detectives gives him a brochure promoting a rest home, Virgil recognizes a window in a photo as appearing in his recurring nightmare of the girl's killing.

He visits the rest home and the attached orphanage, where he finds the killer (apparently the janitor), who clubs him with a broom. While Virgil is semi-conscious on the floor, a prist comes along and tells Virgil that the girl, Claire (Sarah Ingerson), had to be killed because she was evil. The priest instructs the janitor to kill Virgil while he goes to make sure that the orphans do not suspect anything. As the janitor prepares his killing blow, the malevolent spirit of Claire appears and tortures him (apparently to death). Virgil escapes and returns home.

Upon arriving, he spies his cat, whose running away precipitated the entire misadventure. He breaks the cat's neck, killing it.

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