Pixote: A Lei Do Mais Fraco

Pixote (Fernando Ramos Da Silva) is the last and only survivor of his little gang, except for Lilica (Jorge Juliao), who leaves out of jealousy because Dito (Gilberto Moura) wasn't into her.  The others die in violent circumstances.

Sueli (Marilia Pera) wants Pixote to come with her to Minas Gerais, so they can live together as family; suddenly, while watching TV, Pixote starts vomiting and Sueli comforts him and ends up nurturing him -as some sort of mutual relief to their loneliness and sadness in life-.  However, she has an outburst and angrily rejects him and sends him off.  He just grabs his stuff, gives her one last long look and leaves.

The final scene shows Pixote walking away down an empty railway line, away from everything and everyone, into the harsh reality of his world.

Thanks Julio!