A Film by Gus Van Sant

Alex and Eric, a pair of bullied and disturbed teens, plot a shooting spree at their Oregon high school. They have built up an arsenal of guns, ammunition, and propane bombs.

The day before the planned killings, they look over a rifle, watch historical programming about Nazis, and kiss in the shower.

The next day, they come to school and run into fellow student John. They warn him to leave, because "heavy shit's about to go down." John tries to warn other students without success. The propane bombs fail, so Alex and Eric begin shooting indiscriminately. Elias and Michelle are killed in the library. Eric and Alex split up. Alex kills Brittany, Nicole, and Jordan in the girls' washroom. Benny tries to stop Eric from killing the principal, but Eric shoots them both. Alex goes to the cafeteria (where a body can be seen in the background) and sits down. Eric joins him and they talk briefly. Alex abruptly shoots Eric. An emotionless Eric finds Carrie and Nathan hiding in the freezer. He recites the "eeny, meeny, miny, moe" chant to decide who to kill first.

The film closes with a shot of a cloudly blue sky, like the beginning.

Thanks Emily B!