Green Zone

Miller (Matt Damon) gets kidnapped by Gen. Al-Rawi's (Yigal Naor's) men and comes to learn from Al-Rawi himself that Poundstone (Greg Kinnear) fabricated the whole situation about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, to encourage the excuse for the Iraq Invasion.  Suddenly, the Special Forces break in, but Al-Rawi manages to escape, while Miller kills his captors and goes on to pursue Al-Rawi, trying to get him before the Special Forces take him down.

Major Briggs (Jason Isaacs), who is leading the hunting party, gets killed by a henchman of Al-Rawi; Miller shoots and kills this guy, and eventually catches up with Al-Rawi; just as he offers Al-Rawi protection, "Freddie" (Khalid Abdalla) shows up and kills Al-Rawi.  Miller confronts Freddie, who answers that it was not his choice to save him, and then coerces him to leave the scene.

Miller goes back to the hotel and writes a very strong report about the whole thing, of which he turns over a copy to Poundstone the next day, confronting him.  Poundstone denies his encounter with Al-Rawi or anything else in regards to the WMD's, yet he proclaims that "America's not stopping", which pretty much justifies all the events we have come to know in reality.  This, while Iraqi leaders from different factions are trying to negotiate a common understanding to prevent a national rebellion, only to end up yelling at each other and walking away from the meeting.

Meanwhile, Miller e-mails his report to reporter Lawrie Dayne (Amy Ryan), as well as to all major American media sources, to expose the whole farce.  The final scene shows Miller driving off, while the camera pans to some oil fields in the background.

Thanks Julio!