The question was "Are there any questions?" which the administrator asked at beginning before leaving the candidates to themselves. The answer is No, because there IS no question on the paper.  Blond is the only one left in the end and figures it out, she gets the job.

8 unnamed candidates, one job, 80 minutes to answer one question in a room with an armed guard. Only rules are they can't spoil the paper, can't leave the room and can't talk to the guard or the administrator. Problem is there's nothing on the paper they are given, so no one knows the question.

The group starts working with and against each other to find it and get the job.

When time is up, White calls out to the administrator that he wins, but turns out the clock had been tampered with and there was still a minute left. The only remaining candidate is Blond, who pretended to leave but didn't. She refuses the job because they let Black get killed, but turns out he's alive: the job is to oversee a cell regeneration drug which was administered to Black.

Deaf is actually the employer and the inventor of the drug. Blond changes her mind and takes the job.

Thanks Fleetwood!