Titanic: The Animated Movie

As the ship is sinking, William finds Angelica amongst the third class passengers. As he is leading her through a first class lounge area to the boat deck, they are stopped by one of the officers, who tells them that only women and children can go beyond this point. William encourages Angelica to go on, promising her that they’ll be together again soon.

After Angelica boards one of the lifeboats and rows away from the ship, William’s nanny Jenny – who is on board the same lifeboat – notices her necklace. She asks Angelica if there was a picture in it, and as Angelica starts telling the story about how it was given to her, Jenny starts filling in parts of it, and Angelica realizes that Jenny is her long lost mother. They tearfully embrace, and Jenny tells her that neither she nor her father wanted to give her up. As she worries about William, Jenny tells her that she is his nanny.

After the ship sinks, Angelica finds a lifeless William floating in the water, and she and the others on the boat pull him out. He is initially feared to be dead, but he slowly opens his eyes. He apologizes to Angelica for taking so long, and then they kiss as the sun rises.

In the closing narrative, the young mouse Maxie tells us – among other unimportant things – that Detective Bradbury had arrested the thief Corrinthia, but her henchmen Kirk and Dirk got away and ended up marrying Angelica’s stepsisters Hortense and Bernice, and they gloatingly think they got it made. Angelica and William also got married as well. Maxie then closes the film by saying, “Well, here’s hoping they’ll all live happily ever after. Bye for now, and see you soon!”

Thanks Tornado Dragon!