Judgement Night

In their frantic escape from psychotic gang leader Fallon (Denis Leary), Frank (Emilio Estevez), his brother John (Stephen Dorff) and friend Mike (Cuba Gooding Jr.) try to hide in a store, but Fallon catches up with them anyway.  He shoots both Mike and John, although Mike manages to kill Fallon's last henchman.

Frank leads Mike and John away from danger, goes to the security office to activate the silent alarm and decides to stand against Fallon; after a struggle on a stairway, in which Fallon is about to fall over and tries to drag Frank with him, Frank fights back and Fallon falls to his death.

Shortly after, the Police arrives; Mike and John, although wounded, it is implied they will survive, as them both and Frank are treated by paramedics.

The film ends with the cops investigating the crime scene.

Thanks Dr. Mat!