Mirrors 2

The spirit that is haunting Max (Nick Stahl) is Eleanor, the murdered sister of Elizabeth Reigns (Emmanuelle Vaugier). Eleanor had just started working at the Mayflower when two of the executives, Jack Matheson (William Katt) and Jenna McCarthy (Christy Romano) decided to get blackmailing power over Eleanor by slipping something in her drink getting her drunk. They made Keller (Lawerence Turner) take her home. Instead he took her back to the Mayflower building and raped her. She came to her senses and tried to flee, and Keller strangled her in a jealous rage. Keller then hid her body in the basement, making Henry Schow (Evan Jones), the former guard cover up the evidence unknowingly.

One by one, Eleanor punishes the guilty parties. She decapitates Jenna, and disembowels Jack for their roles in her death. When Max and Elizabeth get too close to the truth, Keller tries to kill them too. However, Max and Elizabeth are saved by Eleanor's spirit who drags Keller into the mirror and kills him.

The film ends with the detectives interviewing Henry and him admitting his part in the crime. They leave to get a document for him to sign when he sees the interview mirror begin to crack. Henry says, "Hello Eleanor" ready to face his punishment. The film cuts to black and we hear his tortured screams, obviously being killed as well. 

Thanks Spectre!