The Projected Man

After the demonstration of his experimental teleportation device is secretly sabotaged by Blanchard (Norman Wooland), the frustrated and unbalanced Dr. Paul Steiner (Bryant Haliday) attempts to make up for the embarrassment by "projecting" himself into Blanchard's own home in front of his guests.

Suspicious of his assistants Patricia Hill (Mary Peach) and Chris Mitchell (Ronald Allen), Steiner badgers a reluctant, unqualified secretary into operating the device. The projection is interrupted and Steiner materializes elsewhere, horribly mutilated yet impervious to harm, and carrying a lethal charge of electrical energy in his body--a touch of death.

While Patricia, Chris and the police search for him, Steiner uncovers Blanchard's treachery and murders him and his co-conspirator before being cornered in a power plant.

Patricia convinces the police to allow Steiner to return to his lab in an attempt to cure him. Once in the lab, Steiner goes berserk and destroys his invention. The burning device projects Steiner one last time...into the unknown.

FYI - A popular MST3K episode (season 9)

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