Dreamship Surprise

The German version of Spaceballs and Galaxy quest - a major send up of Star Wars and Star Trek where a hapless trio of gay guys (Captain Kork, Schrotty and Spuck ... you get the idea), Queen Metapha (aka Queen Amidala) and Rock (aka Han Solo) go back in time to prevent Mars from being colonised and an interplanetary war being waged on earth by the Regulator (aka Emperor from Star Wars).

After a few accidental time travel incidents, the group successfully destroy the UFO which landed in 2004 by giving the alien an asthma puffer. Spuck sacrifices his spot on the time machine couch so the others can return to the future but it turns out because of his longevity he is waiting for them in 2304 (having decorated the Earth pink by selling the trio's Cheesecake recipe to McDonalds). The trio finally compete in Miss Waikiki but it turns out Jens Maul (aka Darth Vader and Darth Maul hybrid) survived and followed them there ...

Thanks Meng!