The Maze

The Red hooded killer is revealed to be a young police officer of the local department. Eric Schroeder (Luke Drake) killed Jordan's (Shalania Castle) friends and Sam Hunt then escaped after failing to kill Jordan. He comes into work that night with the sole purpose of killing her.

While the sheriff and another deputy are away collecting evidence at the cornfield, Eric pretends to be kind to her and ask Jordan about what happened. Jordan doesn't recognize him and tells him. Under the guise of procedure, Eric takes a sample of her DNA and switches with his own in order to frame her. However she notices blood smears on the paper he was writing on, making her realize he's the killer.

Jordan gets free during a struggle and holds a gun to Eric. Eric counters that if she kills him that no one will believe her. He quickly grabs another gun and shoots her. The sheriff comes in and Eric spins his story about an attempted escape. But Jordan isn't dead yet, and has the tape recorder in her hand...which taped his entire confession about the killings leading the sheriff to realize who is really responsible and has Eric arrested. It is inferred that Jordan recieves medical treatment for her gunshot and survives. 

Thanks Spectre!