The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

Phoebus suspects the circus to be responsible for a string of thefts and that Madallaine might be involved, but Quasimodo, Esmerelda, and Zephyr don't believe him. Zephyr wants to join the circus while Quasimodo has fallen in love with Madallaine.

While Quasimode and Madallaine are out for a walk, Sarousch and two of his henchmen enter Notre Dame to steal La Fidele. Zephyr and Djali follow them where they witness Sarousch using magic to make the bell disappear. Realizing that his father was right, Zephyr follows them and stows away on their getaway boat in the city catacombs. Hugo, Victor, and Laverne who tried to prevent the theft but failed ring the bell they are trapped in to alert Quasimodo. Hurrying back to the cathedral, Quasimodo learns what happened and realizes that Madallaine used him. Feeling betrayed, he ends their relationship and storms back into the cathedral as Phoebus has Madallaine arrested.

In the bell tower, Quasimodo frees his gargoyle friends and learns that Zephyr went after Sarousch. He and Esmerelda hurry to the Palace of Justice where a repentent Madallaine tells Phoebus that Sarousch intends to flee the city and where they can stop him. Despite Esmerelda convincing him to trust her word, Phoebus takes Madallaine along as a prisoner.

Sarousch discovers Zephyr and Djali on board his ship but Djali flees. Learning that Zephyr is the son of the captain of the guards, Sarousch decides to use the boy to his advantage. At the gates, he is confronted by Phoebus and the rest of the city guards. Phoebus closes the gate, preventing Sarousch's escape but when Zephyr is produced as a hostage, he reluctantly opens the gate. Madallaine, knowing that Sarousch has no intention of releasing the boy, she convinces a reluctant Quasimode to release her so they can save him. Using a makeshift tightrope, Madallaine saves Zephyr and returns him to his parents as Sarousch is arrested.

At the festival, Phoebus apologizes to Esmerelda for his earlier comments about the circus people whom he compared to gypsies and she forgives him. Quasimodo and Madallaine renew their relationship and declare their love with Zephyr ringing La Fidele. Hugo also finally wins Djali's affections.

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