Bambi II

The owl reports to the Great Prince that he has found a doe willing to raise Bambi, introducing Mena, a friend of Bambi's mother. The Great Prince begins to regret his decision because he has finally bonded with his son, but decides that he has no choice since he cannot juggle both his duties as a father and a prince. Bambi says goodbye to all his friends and leaves with Mena for his new home.

Along the way, he gets into another fight with Ronno. Mena tries to interfere but is accidentally knocked into a leg trap. Rattling cans alert a distant pack of hunting dogs. Realizing the danger, Mena tells Bambi and Ronno to save themselves. Despite having boasted earlier in the film about facing and fighting a man, Ronno reveals his true colors as a coward by fleeing. Bambi is about to do the same, but when Mena ironically says the last words he heard his own mother say before she was killed. Refusing to lose another mother, Bambi distracts the hunting dogs and leads them away from Mena. The Great Prince frees Mena and hurries off to save his son.

Thumper and Flower use Flower's spray to scare off one of the dogs. Bambi loses two of the dogs in a field of tall grass and causes a rockslide to scare off the rest. Just as he is about to be reunited with his father, the cliff he is standing on collapses and he falls. The Great Prince mourns the loss of his son, but Bambi comes to and father and son share a tender moment. Mena, seeing that she is no longer needed, leaves.

The next day, Thumper tells all Bambi's friends an exaggerated story of how Bambi defeated one thousand hunting dogs. Bambi shows up sporting a new pair of antlers that have begun to grow. Thanks to the porcupine from the log bridge Bambi crossed earlier, he accidentally kisses Faline. Ronno sees this and vows revenge (foreshadowing their fight in the first movie), but flees when a turtle bites him on the nose.

The Great Prince leads Bambi to a clearing, saying this is where he met Bambi's mother when he was his age. When Bambi asks his father what he was at his age, the Great Prince says he was a lot like Bambi.

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