The Neverending Story 3
Return to Fantasia

The Nasties snatch the Auryn from Nicole (Melody Kay) at the mall while she is making wishes with it, and despite the efforts of the arriving Bastian (Jason James Richter) and the Bark Troll, the Nasties escape with it back to their hideout in the underground parking lot.

They proceed to use the Auryn to turn everyone into violent, destructive jerks in the real world and even turn Bastian’s father (Kevin McNulty) and Nicole’s mother (Tracey Ellis) against each other, and in Fantasia, they send crustacean-like creatures after the Childlike Empress (Julie Cox) and turn its inhabitants against each other there as well. They also try to turn Bastian against Nicole, but their influence over him is broken when she tells him that she is sorry for all the mean things she ever said to him and that she wants him to be her brother.

Meanwhile, the Bark Troll and Junior find the Nasties’ hideout, and they – along with the boxed Engywook (Tony Robinson) and Urgl (Moya Brady) – are held captive by them. As Bastian and Nicole are searching the underground parking lot for the Nasties, they hear Engywook yelling at them, and they follow his voice to the hideout. Bastian manages to get the Auryn back from the Nasties, and as Nicole gets hold of the book and reads from it, Bastian beats them with some fighting moves that he wishes for. Then, Falkor arrives, and his presence sends the Nasties running.

The Fantasians wish themselves back home with the Auryn, and upon arriving in the Ivory Tower, they wish for Fantasia to go back to the way it was before the Nasties worked their evil, setting everything right in both worlds. Bastian and Nicole then head back to their house, and through their love, they stop their parents from splitting up.

The next day at school, the Nasties are found to have been turned into friendly bookworms, courtesy of Bastian, and Bastian returns the book to Koreander (Freddie Jones), who tells him that the story isn’t over yet.

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